Coax-Optical Instructions
Interior Overview
Circuit Board Underside
Power Supply Wiring
Case Underside
Case Switch & Power Jack

  • An overview of the circuit board and box interior - note that the circuit board normally lies face down over the box interior, and has been turned over for the image.
  • This is what the interior looked like before I added the parts necessary for battery operation.
  • If you're curious about all of the extra space, I went through a few other designs that didn't work out as well as the current setup. I think the burn marks say it all... :)
  • R1 is buried under hot glue, but it is there...and the same for C4 and C5 - the small ceramic caps that aren't very well distinguished from the phenolic board.
  • The case overall is much larger than what is needed - I worked for a short time to get the design battery powered, but dropped it.