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(11:33 CST) Move complete...

Apologies for the downtime, servers don't take kindly to hard drive failures, etc. Different server, board is being restored.

(10:29 PM CST) Steve & Winnie go for a drive
A rather long drive, at that. Houston to Los Angeles, to Mt. Rushmore (lol) and back to Philadelphia.


While you think to yourself, god, that sounds great (or perhaps, why the hell?), go check out the photos taken along the way:


(6:03 PM CST) It's baaaaaa-aack....
The message board lives once again! The story? Nasser got screwed over by an ISP switch. So, we moved the board onto this server. Enjoy!


(1:23 PM CST) Living Ad-free
If you've kept up with the message board you know that the ads on ICQ and AIM annoy the hell out of me sometimes. I finally found perfect solutions for both programs:

Download DeadAim and copy to your AIM directory. You'll need to run DeadAim.exe instead of aim.exe from now on. DeadAim is also supposed to change your registry entry so that deadaim.exe is run at windows startup instead of aim.exe, but this doesn't always work.

If the regular aim.exe starts up when you boot up, you'll need to correct the registry yourself. Go to Start -> Run. Type in regedit. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Run.

There will be an entry called AIM - double click this and change aim.exe to deadaim.exe. While you're there, you can also see what other programs start up automatically with Windows and get rid of anything you don't want there. Thanks go off to oboy for finding this.

ICQ was more annoying to fix - for future reference, Resource Hacker is a really cool program - it'll open up .exe and .dll files and let you browse around the resource section of the file. In the case of ICQ, I was able to open ICQCore.dll and modify the various dialog boxes for ICQ. After a while of playing around I managed to find a way to get completely rid of all ad banners throughout the program (including file transfer and URL sending). You can also get rid of the new SMS! banner that's at the top of ICQ nowadays. Oh, and btw, only 2000a and 2000b are affected by this - all previous versions are perfectly fine. If you're using 2000a, you really should upgrade to 2000b because it's far less of a memory hog.

  • Download the modified ICQCore.dll for your version of ICQ (check what you have by clicking the ICQ button -> Help -> About).
  • Close ICQ.
  • Go to your ICQ directory and rename icqcore.dll to something else (like icqcoreoriginal.dll) - this will be your backup.
  • Unzip the new ICQCore.dll into the ICQ directory.
  • Go to Start -> Run, and run regedit
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Mirabilis -> ICQ -> DefaultPrefs.
    Change AutoUpdate to "No".
  • Browse to your ICQ directory, and then to the Partner directory (only present if you've been getting the SMS banner)
  • Find partner.xml and open it up in notepad. Delete everything there and save the file. Right click the file after saving -> Properties, and make the file read-only.
  • Startup ICQ and enjoy your banner free lifestyle :)
Download - ICQCore.dll for ICQ 2000b 4.63 Build 3279
Download - ICQCore.dll for ICQ 2000a 4.30 Build 3141

If you have 2000a or 2000b and it's not one of the versions above - ummm...upgrade. Go download a copy of 2000b.

(1:03 PM CST) taligentx.com?
Thanks to Yahoo's buyout of Simplenet, I've relocated and opened up shop here, at www.taligentx.com. Why taligentx? It was a) available and b) easier to type than www.nccollections.com. I think it's time for custom domain extentions...

At any rate, welcome!