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(3:33 PM CST) Final Fantasy - Der Movie
Square was kind enough to release two teaser clips of the FF movie - finer consumer CG you'll not find. You'll need to have Quicktime installed to view these...it's always nice to have something good on the horizon. :)

Download - Final Fantasy - Teaser A (584kb)
Download - Final Fantasy - Teaser B (493kb)

(7:12 PM CST) Why I need a job...

If only Ashford.com had this at a decent price. By the way, there's a great $75 off $100 purchase going on over there. Pick out anything over $100 and $75 will get taken off when you enter coupon code "qpmg3258ch" at checkout. I already picked up another watch I liked, but this Seiko is what I'm really after now. If you have a normal forearm, check out the Arctura series - I was all set to grab this model, until I hopped over to Zales and saw it hang off the edges of my arm. Damn genes. $125 for a watch that retails at $675 is a...how do you say it...oh, yes, a KICK ASS deal. =)