www.taligentx.com January 28 <-> February 16, 2000
(5:08 PM CST) UniChat
UniChat's a nice avatar based chat program - try it, it's a lot of fun...

Here are the key commands that I've found so far:
  • Arrow keys = move around the worlds
  • CTRL-M = Morph to your animal half
  • CTRL-0 = Morph back to normal (also to go unaway)
  • CTRL-D = Away
  • CTRL-F = Fight! Walk up to somebody and knock 'em down... =)
  • CTRL-1 = The happy laugh
  • CTRL-2 = Kinda pissed
  • CTRL-3 = Just explaining...
  • CTRL-4 = Waaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!
  • CTRL-5 = Huh?!?!?
  • CTRL-6 = Bow down!
  • CTRL-7 = The monster self
Download - UniChat (2.43MB)

(2:21 PM CST) NASA = Funny?
Hahaha....NASA does have a sense of humor. Take a look at this clip of the Peekskill meteor impact back in October, '92...

Download - Peekskill Meteor Impact.mpg (972KB)

(12:29 AM CST) February.
Something very wrong happens around this time of year, every year. I'm not even ranting about Valentine's Day, which is the surreal part. Our collective self takes a deep dip for almost no apparent reason - more things go wrong now than around any other time of the year. It's something I've been looking at since senior year. For whatever reason, I've lucked out this year, but for those of you who're down now...I'm sorry - but at least know this is probably a low point. Which is always nice to know, because there's only one direction left... :)

Corny as hell, but the phenomenon is absolutely true...

(2:20 AM CST) You know you're too stressed when...

(My favorites)
  • You say the same sentence over and over again not realizing that you've said it before.
  • The sun is too loud.
  • You can see individual air molecules vibrating.
  • You wonder if you really need to *brew* the coffee.
  • You ask the drive-thru cashier if you can get it to-go.
  • You and Reality file for divorce.
  • You budget 3 minute naps in your schedule.
  • Your coffee house sees you through the window and starts on your drink.
  • Your drink is a mug of expresso.
  • PCL isn't quiet enough.
  • You and your alarm clock reach an understanding.
  • It's more efficient to pull three chairs together and sleep at the library.
  • You can feel the earth rotating below you, and cling to the chair for dear life.
  • You're perfectly content looking at the chapter introduction for an hour.
Think up a few and post what you come up with... =)

(1:40 AM CST) Honestly, all they had to do was ask...
Some of the research folk over at UCSD came to the mind-boggling conclusion that people have sharper memory after being deprived of sleep. .........I'm aghast. Really.

*roll eyes*

$15 says Hunaid was leading the test pack - and speaking of $15, go save that at FamilyWonder.com. I posted this deal a while ago, but it's still active and they have quite a few available DVD's to choose from, now. Tarzan for $8? And to think I was about to pay full price... =)

(3:56 PM CST) On commercials...
It's always fun to find the differences between cultures - but this one, well...you'll have to see for yourself. Korean audiences have -slightly- different expectations of their products... =)
But DAMN can she move... *drool*

Download - Samsung commercial (15.9 MB)

(2:55 PM CST) Windows 2000
The final (yes, REALLY final) copies of Windows 2000 are available on the server now. Currently available:
Each of the OS' above are in .ISO format, so you'll need to have access to a CD burner. Have fun, and special thanks go to Will for...well, you figure it out... :)

(11:54 AM CST) Windows 98 Expiration
If you're getting a message at bootup that your copy of Win98 is going to expire today...fret not, salvation lies below. Download the file below, and run it with a blank floppy in the drive. The file creates a boot disk - so, once it's done creating the disk, leave the disk in the drive, and restart your system. Your computer should boot off of the disk you just created, and drop you down to a command prompt. Type "sys c:" at the prompt and that's it. Take out the disk, restart, and you shouldn't have any more problems...

Download - Windows Expiration Fix (1.12 MB)

Oh, note that if you have more than one OS installed, this process will reset your boot record to Win98, so you'll need to redo whatever bootloader you were using...
(2:13 PM CST) Hiiiiiiidy Ho!
Well, well, well...life is almost back in order, and the attention finally turns back onto my little outlet to the world. What's new? What's cool? What should you know about (news, life, me? (nah))? All this, and more in the coming times. For now, Windows 2000 is out and about, and a final (really final) version will be on the site soonish. The version on their now is final, but has a 180 day time cap, plus a little watermark on the bottom right of the desktop (your ICQ list ought to cover that up nicely, though).

Talented Mr.Ripley - enjoyable, vaguely appealing. Very fun for the little things - Freddie has some wonderful lines - that, and he's not a totally stupid minor character...

Y2K - We're all still here (unfortunately, in some people's cases =), and the only bug I ever saw was in the code for the date on this page...I knew it wasn't compliant, but wanted to see what would happen. For a few hours Collections time warped to the year 19,100 - and look! The watch is exactly a minute behind! (Back to the future, of course, though I'm probably misquoting)

A2K - (Austin's bash) - fun stuff, downtown was crazy, music was great, people were just hilarious at times. Party at my place next year, so you've got plans now - your families are overruled by at least 9 months... =)

Spring Break! - Surojit, Tonia, and I are heading over to Berkeley to visit and ski at Tahoe - sweetness. If you're in that state while we're there and you don't come visit...hmm...expect a cold summer.


Actually, since I think finals are around that time I suppose I could understand - that, and I think I'd get slaughtered for being such a hypocrite...sorry Sini...

Classes - studying for the first time in years, we'll see...maybe miracles aren't dead yet.

Fish - I started off the semester with a happy mated pair of clownfish, and were the cutest things in the world when they were together. But....then one sickened and died a couple of days ago. Figures.

Cool thing - Sony Glasstron - a somewhat affordable personal LCD projection eyepiece. I need a job.

Enough for now...ciao!