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Trips (4 galleries)

Travelling is one of my fundamental necessities - I'd go insane (well, more insane) rather quickly without taking a complete removal from the banalities of urban life every now and then.

While some trips are to independently beautiful areas, most trips are to see people. Oddly enough, some of the most satisfying reprieves have been from visiting friends in their urban lives - that "same-but-different" experience works wonders for keeping a well-grounded perspective.

Shame I don't get paid by the word.

Bachelor's Party Lighthouse Peak - Human Scale On The Waterfront Everyone Marine Lagoon Lifeforms Waiting For The Show Reception

Events (5 galleries)

It's worrisome.

Most of the events I've been to with a camera have (up until recently) been standard birthdays, parties, and such. As high school came around, field trips and dances also came into play. The days of youth - no longer.

The time of the onslaught of engagement and wedding photos is near, with the first kickoff this summer (2004). Be scared. Be very scared. Aging...old....my joints hurt, and I can't find my cane.

Ernest Parador Gardens Reception Wedding Cake Introductions Guests Winnie, Steve, & Grandparents

Family (1 gallery)

Photos covering events from the 1970's to present.

India2004 03 sv300203 India2004 03 sv300205 India2004 02 sv300003 India2004 03 sv300179 India2004 03 sv300097 India2004 01 sv300006 India2004 01 sv300133