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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Let the kids decide

11:32 am central

Let the kids decide

Friday, August 5, 2005

Philly and a wedding

7:32 pm central

It was nice to be in a city where walking is still considered a useful way to get around, instead of something that happens between the car and grocery store. Winnie & Steve live in downtown Philly, which means easy walking access to most of the city center. Steve walks 30 minutes daily (round-trip) to get to Glaxo (the evil empire that is slowly taking his soul). Their apartment even gives a direct line of sight to Glaxo, so it’s pretty hard to ignore the darkness that lies to the west.

Oh well. He may lose his soul, but at least he’ll be in shape.

The tone of the city is cooler than I’m used to – it seems to be a common trait in places where the weather makes people miserable for half of the year. The cold weather combined with high population density may make it harder to see the people around you as individuals rather than bodies that happen to be in your way. Random small talk made while checking out are sometimes met with blank stares as though to ask, “Is this person talking to me? Why is he talking to me?”. …It’s not that there’s a higher rate of mean-spiritedness, just that the thick-shell index is a few points high.

If it weren’t for the ability to walk everywhere and the rich access to cultural resources (museums tend to have truly interesting exhibitions), I’d wonder who other than masochists would want to (and love to) live here.

Why aren’t we all living in Hawaii?

<insert thoughts on the selective advantage of individuals who are capable of living in harsh environments while maintaining a general feeling of well-being. denial and rationalization: essential, subtle, and amazingly powerful.>

Have a look at Winnie & Steve’s wedding website, and a few pics from the trip.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Papiere bitte.

4:39 pm central

So sad. Time to find other places to live.

Oh, Canada………

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Quietly going insane…

10:47 pm central

Is there something in the water? Did I miss a memo? Nearly everyone I know is off taking a trip – GOOD trips. Hawaii, Australia, Cancun, Colorado….


The sad part is that come March I’ll have a chance to take a really great trip – but everyone else is scheduled to be broke by then.

MUST LEAVE COUNTRY. Seriously. At this point even Canada would count.

Suddenly it’s tempting to take a year off and teach english somewhere interesting.

frenetic mode off. Time to recharge.

Sunday, December 5, 2004

Rose bowl baby!

5:16 pm central

Wooooo!!! Cal had a pretty amazing run this year, but their final game vs. southern miss just wasn’t as much of a domination as it should have been. Even so, it’s still pretty much a toss up between the two teams – I’m just happy that this too-close-to-call moment tipped in our favor. Of course, I’d go to the cotton bowl in a split second if it meant the election could swing the other way but that’s just crazy talk…

It’s sad that there’s no way to really see what aspects of Texas’ game pulled us ahead of cal in the computer rankings…BCS worked in ut’s favor this time around, but it’s still a pretty oddball way of handling championships. And yet despite all of the bitching about the system, there hasn’t been a viable alternative proposed yet. Playoffs would be even more of a nightmare…what are the criteria for the 4, 8, or 117 teams allowed into the playoff system? Making the selection even more subjective would be an invitation to endless arguments over which factors of a team’s gameplay should trump another team’s.

That said, I have no idea what the idiots in the bleachers are thinking when they proudly display their “Go BCS!” banners…they’re rooting for an automated algorithm? Are we bowing to the machines already?

I, for one… 🙂